Working for Servier

Servier Group

“Our group’s capital is human, not financial”

Dr Jacques Servier


Servier UK is proud to be part of the Servier Research Group, whose fundamental principles have guided us to exceptional success throughout the past 50 years.

Servier is passionately committed to employee development, recognising that a successful working environment is achieved through the cohesion of a friendly, but highly professional team.

The Group’s key goals are:

Satisfy – the fundamental goal is to give satisfaction to the physicians who prescribe our products and to the patients who benefit from them.

Discover – It is essential to take part in progress through research. A leading industry prioritises research. This is one of the reasons for the vitality of the Servier Research Group.

Develop – The duty to foster the personal development of each person in and through the company is fundamental.

The Group’s core values are:

Respect – to everyone irrespective of the level, position or status of the person inside or outside of Servier.

Simplicity – humility in all that we undertake.

Honesty and Openness – to be transparent and to speak the truth.

Strong Work Ethic Servier is passionately focused on its people - our employment climate is friendly and encourages each individual to feel that their role is universally recognised and valued.


UK14WEB0013e(1) DoP: September 2016