Relieve congestion in the health system and ensure patients with chronic diseases continue to be treated

Public and private stakeholders unite and launch a call for projects! 

Paris, March 25, 2020. Confronted with an unprecedented health crisis related to Covid-19, the ″Health Innovation Coalition – Health Crisis″ initiated by France Biotech, France Digitale, MedTech in France, and AstraZeneca, with the participation and endorsement of the Public Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) and France Assos Santé, the support of Bpifrance and EIT Health, has been set up to contribute to relieving congestion in the health system and ensuring patients with chronic diseases continue to be treated. The most fragile people, notably those with chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, COPD, asthma, heart failure, etc) are particularly at risk in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic where the congestion of the health system may jeopardize the continuity of their treatment.

The ″Health Innovation Coalition – Health Crisis″ has rallied numerous stakeholders committed to supporting this initiative. Among these, the LEEM, Sanofi, Servier, Ipsen, Novartis, GSK, UCB, Amgen, Takeda, Chugai, and the coalition’s appeal remains open to all stakeholders who may give their support to this mission.

In practice, the main objective of this coalition is to ensure the development and the implementation of innovative solutions in the health care sector on the basis of the needs identified and communicated by the health care establishments, health care professionals, and patient associations. To meet the needs expressed by the stakeholders on the ground, the calls for thematic projects have been launched to quickly identify project leaders, French startups, SMEs and mid-sized companies capable of deploying concrete solutions (information, home-based care, patient follow-up, medical treatment etc). These calls for projects are operated by Digital Pharma Lab (DPL) via a platform available from today to accompany, financially support, and deploy the solutions selected:

Let’s join forces to support our health system in the midst of this health crisis to ensure the care of millions of people suffering from chronic diseases. Startups, innovative SMEs and midsized companies are fully mobilized to very rapidly deploy innovations and meet the immediate needs of treating these patients. The coalition’s industrial partners who will support the initiative, bring a remarkable united commitment and will also contribute to protecting our ecosystem that has been weakened by the impact of the health crisis,” explained Franck Mouthon, President of France Biotech, who initiated the call to mobilize on March 17.

The urgency of the situation and obligation of results must become a breeding ground for innovation, transformations that are big or small but guided by their immediate utility in the continuity of health care and the possibility of access to health care establishments by these patients with chronic diseases who need it most,” highlighted Olivier Nataf, President AstraZeneca France, founding member of the coalition.

″Startups possess part of the solution to Covid-19. A real citizen mobilization is at work, with companies such as Doctolib, providing free access to their teleconsultation service. To support our health care workers, numerous solutions are ready to be utilized. France Digitale has collated nearly 300 solutions within an ‘ehealth taskforce’ and remains available to all public services or big companies that are looking for collaborations that are concrete and immediately operational,″ indicated Nicolas Brien, General director of France Digitale, who initiated the call to mobilize.

″In response to this unprecedented heatlh crisis, we need to find remedies that are also unprecedented! As innovative manufacturers in the health care sector, our mission is to guarantee the continuity of health care to our patients suffering from chronic diseases, in particular, while the health care system is under pressure. Due to the committed solidarity of this coalition, we are contributing to the national effort against this pandemic, and fully accomplishing our mission,” clarified Guirec Le Lous, President of MedTech In France, who initiated the call to mobilize.

Digital Pharma Lab, the leading independent PharmaTech in Europe, will today open a special session devoted to the ″Health Innovation Coalition – Health Crisis″ to select and support the candidates in a sprint to the deployment of these innovative solutions. To ensure maximum efficiency and speed of execution, the call for projects will have an agile platform linking the proposed innovations, the coalition contributors, and the final users. Financial support for the selected projects aims to ensure the final phase of development of the candidates’ innovative solutions so they may be rapidly made available to patients and the health care system within the context of the current health crisis.

Investors, health care stakeholders, and industrial stakeholders from all sectors can join the coalition by expressing their interest by email:

A webpage is now available to receive projects: https//

Press contact: Coalition Innovation Santé – Crise Sanitaire – Florence Portejoie – FP2COM – – 06 07 76 82 83

A coalition of partners mobilized by this health emergency

The “Health Innovation Coalition – Health Crisis″ was created under the leadership of France Biotech, France Digitale, MedTech in France and the biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, supported by AP-HP, Bpifrance, EIT Health. These four founding members are today joined by a number of new partners, such as Novartis, Sanofi, Servier, Ipsen, GSK, UCB, LEEM, G5 Santé, Urgo, La Cooper, Vivalto Santé, AFSSI (French Association of Service and Innovation Companies), SIDIV (French professional orgaziation for In Vitro Industry and Diagnostics), SNITEM, PactePME, health competitiveness clusters : Atlanpôle Biothérapies, Biovalley France, Clubster NSL, Eurobiomed, LyonBiopôle, Medicen Paris Région, Angels santé, all mobilized to provide solutions to patients with chronic diseases as quickly as possible.

The coalition’s appeal remains open to all stakeholders who may give their support to this mission and participate in this collective effort within the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic.