Clinical Trials

Servier takes pride in its commitment to Research and Development, regularly investing more than 25% of its annual turnover into advancing therapeutic innovations for patients.  A proportion of this research is done through clinical trials.

Servier conducts clinical trials for its products through a number of therapeutic research centres all over the world.  Servier's UK International Centre for Therapeutic Research (ICTR) is currently involved in a number of trials in several therapeutic areas including leukaemia, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and stroke.

Servier's interventional clinical trials are registered on this registry:

• the EU Clinical Trials Register (EU CT Register available at for trials initiated after May 1st 2004 and conducted in at least one EU country or included in a Paediatric Investigation Plan.

Some of our trials are also registered on the NIHR website


Investigator Initiated Trials

Servier is dedicated to supporting research that helps advance medical and scientific knowledge. As part of our commitment to research we recognise the valuable role of investigator initiated trials (IITs).  IITs are clinical studies initiated and managed by non-pharmaceutical company researchers e.g. individual researchers, institutions or collaborative study groups.

Servier can support such studies by providing grant funding, and/or drug supply depending on the type of research. 

If you are from the UK and are interested in discussing research questions or submitting your ideas, email us at

Please note that proposals are reviewed based on their scientific merit, research priorities, and available resources. Submission of a request does not guarantee approval.   


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