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1. Intellectual Property

 All the content available on the Website, including, non-restrictively, the texts, graphics, pictograms, images, photographs, illustrations, sounds, audio and video data, and the Website’s tree structure, browsing plan and logos, the design and organisation of its headings, their titles, the databases, their structure and content, the trademarks (referred to hereinafter as “the Content”) is the exclusive property of LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER (contact@servier.com), and/or, if applicable, of its licensors or partners, and as such are protected by intellectual property law or by the provisions relating to image rights.
As a consequence, any representation, whether in whole or in part, of this Site by any means whatsoever, without LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER’s express agreement is forbidden and shall constitute a counterfeiting.
The same applies for the databases appearing on the website of which SERVIER, LES LABORATOIRES SERVIERS or theirs partners are the producer and which are protected by copyright.
Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of these trademarks or logos made from the elements of the site without LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER’s express agreement is therefore forbidden.

2. Information of a technical nature

You acknowledge having the skills necessary to access and use this site, and having checked that the computer configuration used is virus-free and in perfect working order.
You further acknowledge having been informed that the present site is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, except in case of force majeure events, maintenance reasons, computer difficulties, difficulties linked to the telecommunications networks structure or technical difficulties.
Consequently, SERVIER gives no guarantee with this regard, and cannot be held liable for any damage inherent to the said uses of the Internet network, and of the IT and telecommunications systems, in particular, although this list is not restrictive:

  • poor transmission and/or reception of all data and/or information on the Internet;
  • external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses;
  • failure of all reception equipment or of communication lines;
  • any other malfunction of the Internet network preventing satisfactory operation of the Website.

3. Accuracy of Website information

All information supplied to the Users on the Website is provided without any guarantee whether expressly or tacitly, or implicit guarantees of merchantable quality, aptitude for a particular use, or absence of infringement of copyright. SERVIER strives to ensure, as far as it is able, that the information distributed on the Website is accurate and up-to-date and not modified by a third-party, when it is online.

However, it does not guarantee in any way the truthfulness, completeness, accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information and content made available to the Users on the Website, and reserves the right to amend or to correct, at any time and without notice, the content of information and documents published on the Website.

Consequently, SERVIER declines all liability for any imprecision, inaccuracy, omission or modification relating to information available on Website, in particular in the event of a change of the statutory or legal provisions, and due to any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party, in particular when it could lead to a modification of the information made available on the Website. SERVIER cannot be held liable for the content of the present pages, or for any use which may be made of it by the User, to wit in respect of all direct or indirect damage caused by access to or use of the Website by any party or, alternatively, due to it being impossible to log on to it.

4. Content of the site

SERVIER makes available to the Users information in the field of health such as press article, training pools, date of conferences, in compliance with the specific legal and statutory obligations of pharmaceutical laboratories, and in particular with the provisions of the Public Health Code. Such information shall not be assimilated to legal or medical advice. For a medical advice, you should always consult a physician or pharmacist. In the same way, the content of the articles published on-line only binds their authors. You should keep your own clinical opinion and be critical.
Sources of information published on servier.ie are available upon request. Please contact info-uk@servier.com or by post at Servier Laboratories Limited, Sefton House, Sefton Park, Bells Hill, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire SL2 4JS.

5. Limitation of liability

Despite the care with which SERVIER checks these information and tools, SERVIER can not guarantee the accuracy and updating of the content of the Site. Consequently, SERVIER shall in no way be held liable directly or indirectly in case of error, absence of availability of the information and/or presence of viruses on its site. In the same way, the content of the articles published on-line only binds their authors.

You should keep your own clinical opinion and be critical. SERVIER will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from:

  • any inaccuracy or omission in the information provided on the Site;
  • any intrusion by a third party on the Site resulting in a modification of its content and/or information;
  • access or impossibility to access the Site, its use (including any damage linked to a virus that might affect your computer system) and/or information provided on the Site.
  • credit given to any information derived directly or indirectly from the Website, from use of it, or from the use of a product to which it makes reference.

SERVIER declines all liability, express or implicit, if use of the information on the Website infringes a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark.

6. Target audience

This site is intended for UK residents and/or Health Care Professionals in United Kingdom. This site is made up of two parts:

  • A first part, intended for the public at large, and therefore freely accessible
  • A second part, reserved for healthcare professionals only, i.e. for physician, pharmacist and others, and accessible after a declaration by the Internet user that he/she has such capacity, as this part of the site may contain promotional material on Servier drugs.

7. Your obligations as user

7.1. Respect of others

You have to respect the applicable laws (in particular law regarding privacy and personal data protection). You shall refrain, with respect to the personal information to which you access, from any distorted collection or use, and generally, from any act likely to damage the privacy, reputation, respect, image or sensitivity of another user or any other person, by avoiding any libellous, provocative, defamatory, discriminatory comments, malicious or threatening comment, message or text, or which breach the provisions of copyright, image rights, the private life of other people, medical secrecy or secrecy of correspondence . In general, the User undertakes to act respectfully about the other members of the Website.

The User is informed that in the event of a request by the competent authorities SERVIER is authorised to transmit all login data allowing identification of the User, if the latter appears to be at the origin of illegal content or actions.

7.2 Hypertext links

The hypertext links set up under this web site to other resources present on the Internet network, and to its partners, have been subject to a prior written express authorization. SERVIER tries to reference only sites in conformity with applicable laws. However, the content of such sites is not under SERVIER’s control and SERVIER shall therefore not be held liable for the information contained on said sites. The User accesses and uses third-party Websites at its sole liability, at its own risk, and in accordance with the applicable terms of use on the said Websites. Users are consequently advised to check the terms of use and the confidentiality charters of these Websites before providing them with personal information.

Users and visitors of the website cannot set up a hyperlink towards this site without LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER’s prior express agreement.

7.3 5.   Use of the Website

Users undertake to use the Website:

  • in accordance with its intended use;
  • for private use, excluding all commercial or promotional activities, or activities for professional, promotional, marketing or commercial purposes;
  • in accordance with copyrights and all other types of intellectual property rights, in particular by preserving each indication of copyright or of ownership right mentioned in all elements of the Website which it uses;
  • without using a robot or any other automated means to access and use the contents of the Website, and without attempting to impede the Website;
  • without attempting to copy it, to reproduce it in whole or in part, to make it accessible or to distribute it or to share it by any means whatsoever with unauthorised third parties.

In addition, the information supplied on the Website is non-contractual and cannot be considered to be offers for services or products.

8. Processing of Personal Data

SERVIER, in its capacity of data controller within the meaning of applicable law in UK including Data protection Act 2018 , Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2019 and the UK GDPR and any national legislation which implements, amends and/or supplements the GDPR, may collect and process personal data of Users of the Website as the IP address.

For professionals, we suggest on this Site that you provide us with the information (in particular your name, address, e-mail, profession) which will enable us to send you the documentation you wish and also to download documents and leaflets you choose. If you do not wish to receive documentation or to benefit from our services, you can visit a part of our Site without having to identify or register yourself. If you wish to e-mail us, your e-mail address will automatically be collected, which will enable us to answer your e-mail.

Your personal data collected under this Site is intended for the services and the companies of SERVIER in charge of answering your requests. Your IP address is intended for the personnel of the Data Processing Service specially empowered to process such information and subject to professional secrecy.

The User is informed that its personal data will be used by the services and personnel of SERVIER and of other legal entities in the Servier Group which need to know of it; Suppliers and service-providers of SERVIER, in particular those responsible for hosting the Website, and producing the Website; which may access the Users’ personal data for purposes strictly required for the performance of their task.

SERVIER is obliged to communicate some of your personal data to the competent authorities such as the health authorities.

Pursuant to the regulations in force, SERVIER undertakes to keep Users’ personal data only for the period required to accomplish the purposes. SERVIER may keep the Users’ Personal Data for a longer term, pursuant to that which is authorised or required by the applicable law, or if this is necessary to protect its rights and interests. After this term personal data shall be deleted or archived pursuant to the applicable legal rules.

User has the right to :

  • The right to view and to access, to update, to complete and to rectify its personal data;
  • The right to have its personal data erased and deleted, on the terms defined by the applicable regulations and legislation;
  • The right to withdraw, at any time, its consent to collection of its personal data;
  • The right to object to the processing of all or part of its personal data;
  • The right to restrict processing of its personal data;
  • The right to portability and to have its personal data transferred in a structured format which is commonly used and machine-readable, when this data is subject to automated processing based on its consent;

Each of these rights can be exercised by sending a request to the Data Protection Relay with the following contact details:

  • by email to the following address: DataProtection-UK@servier.com or telephone: 01753 666409
  • by postal letter to the following address: Compliance Department, Servier Laboratories Ltd, Sefton House, Sefton Park, Bells Hill, Stoke Poges, Slough, SL2 4JS, United Kingdom

For further information please refer to the Privacy Notice in this Website accessible via the following URL:  https://servier.co.uk/content/privacy-notices

9. Cookies

Users are informed that when they browse the Website information may be stored in their browser or recovered from it, generally in the form of cookies. This information can relate to the User, the type of browser used, its browsing preferences, the Website (pages viewed, date and time of login, etc.) or its terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), and is used principally to ensure that the Website is operating correctly.

Cookies do not enable SERVIER to identify Users personally, but to collect information in a general manner when they visit the Website and enable them to have a personalised Web experience. SERVIER undertakes not to communicate the content of these cookies to third parties, unless they have an obligation to do so, as ordered by a judicial or administrative authority. When it logs on to the Website the User is expressly invited to accept use of cookies present on the Website.

The User can block the use of all or some of the cookies, or delete cookies previously installed in its browser:

  • either via the cookie management configurator available at https://www.servier.co.uk/#cookies , to enable it to obtain details on each category of cookies used and/or left on the Website, and to manage its preferences;
  • or by modifying its browsing parameters by viewing the help menu of the Internet browser used (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.), in particular in order to accept or refuse all cookies, to be informed when a cookie is issued, to view its validity, its duration and its content, and periodically to delete cookies.

Blocking certain types of cookies or deleting them may affect access to certain functions or pages of the Website or make this impossible, or make certain services offered on the Website inaccessible, for which SERVIER cannot be held liable.

For further details on the cookies used please see the Cookie Notice on our Website.

10. Further information

Should you require further information, please contact info-uk@servier.com or by mail at Servier Laboratories Limited, Sefton House, Sefton Park, Bells Hill, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire SL2 4JS.

11. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

This Site is governed by the laws of England and Wales. All disagreements shall be brought before the courts with jurisdiction of England and Wales. Any application of the rules of conflict of laws which restricts full application of English law is consequently excluded hereby.