Servier Laboratories Ltd. is committed to supporting the NHS and healthcare professionals to enhance the care of patients within the UK. Servier’s priority is to invest into clinical research with the aim to provide life changing treatments for patients with chronic conditions. In addition, Servier is committed to supporting the healthcare community in the on-going educational development of healthcare professionals and other relevant decision makers, whilst also providing support to healthcare organisations and patient organisations through the provision of sponsorship, donations and grants.


Healthcare organisations, professional societies or other independent organisations and patient organisations may wish to approach Servier for sponsorship support (financial or otherwise) towards an activity, including an event/meeting, for which Servier may receive a tangible benefit such as a stand space at the meeting or a number of places to attend a congress.

Donations & Grants

Healthcare organisations, professional societies or other independent organisations and patient organisations may approach Servier regarding donations and grants. In general, Servier considers donations to be physical items, services or benefits-in-kind and grants to be the provision of funds.

Servier provides donations and grants to eligible organisations for the purpose of supporting healthcare, scientific research or education, with no consequent obligation on the recipient organisation to provide donations or grantsgoods or services to the benefit of Servier in return.

Donations and grants to individuals are prohibited.

Individual Support

Servier is committed to providing support for the continuing medical education of UK HCPs through a number of different routes. However, SERVIER Laboratories has taken the decision to stop the provision of funding for attendance at educational conferences in response to individual requests.

Why does Servier provide support?

Servier’s priority is to continue our research and development of new medicines to help patients. Where finance and regulations allow us, supporting patients and healthcare professionals in the wider management of the conditions in which we conduct research is something we take great pride in. Whilst Servier cannot fund all projects that support research, patient care or education we are pleased to consider them.

Applying to Servier for support

If you represent a healthcare organisation, patient organisation or other independent organisation or are a healthcare professional or other relevant decision maker operating within the NHS and are interested in applying for support, please fill in the below application form and send it to .

Application form

How are decisions to support made?

Activities we will consider are those with a clear benefit to patients or the NHS and are in line with our research areas. We would like to support as many organisations and individuals as possible, so if you or your organisation has received support in the past, it may not always be possible to provide support for subsequent years.

Requests for support are reviewed by the Servier Request for Support Committee on a monthly basis. The committee is formed of senior employees from General Management, Finance, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs and Compliance.

The following factors are taken into consideration:

  • clearly benefits patients
  • clearly benefits the NHS
  • related to an area in which Servier is active (cancer and immuno-inflammatory diseases)
  • the level of funding requested
  • the support budget available that month

Please refer to the “Guide to Applying for Servier Support” for further information, which you can find as a link here.